Health & Medicine

The Canon:

1. Medicine as Ministry, by Margaret E. Mohrmann.

Medicine as Ministry

This is a fantastic first introduction to thinking about medicine and the Christian faith. Dr. Mohrmann packs a lot in this little book (just over a hundred pages!), including discussions about the idolatry of medicine, the need for stories in clinical practice, and  relational approach to healing. If you only have time to read one book about medicine and the Christian faith, read this one! If you are hooked, her bibliography is an endless treasure trove of further readings.

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 2. Health is Membership, by Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is one of the most important American writers of our time, and certainly one of the most prophetic voices within the Church. A farmer, theologian, and husbandman, he writes in this essay about what it means to be healthy, and how the definition of health has been distorted in our technical-industrial-commercial age. Physicians (or future physicians) can gain a lot from learning to see from Mr. Berry’s perspective.

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Highly Recommended:

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